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Dear Mother, Father, friend ,

At the start of lockdown I gave some money to a charity who were working with clothes-makers in places hit hard by Covid restrictions, they sent me 3 items of clothing in return.


Inspired by this idea and finding myself with a huge donation   of pre-loved clothes from 0-6yrs old, (predominately from a mother of girls,) I find that I can do a much smaller version of sharing out pre-loved clothes in Shropshire.


I am a life-long great fan of charity shops and am feeling the loss of them at the moment. Any other mother who loves 2nd hand clothes will be feeling this too...


So I would love to offer a bundle of clothes for little ones who need or want some pre-loved clothes for FREE, so let me know your size of clothes you need and whether you want "girly" clothes (there are some lovely dresses in the mix) or more uni-sex clothes.

If you can afford to, it would be great if you are able to donate some money to CanDo Doulas CIC, who I also work for, who work with parents with learning difficulties and complex needs.


Send me a quick email if you would like a Joy Bundle, let me know the age range and whether you want girly clothes or not, then I will gather a bundle together for you (approx 5 items) and will have them ready to pick up from Shrewsbury  Town, or I might be able to drop them off in the local area.

If I have to send them out by post, then there will need to be a postal cost, but lets see what can be done first.


The clothes have been washed and then stored prior to reaching me, I will pack up each bundle with care and attention to covid - safe recommendations. My home is smoke free and animal free and we are all well.

I would always recommend washing 2nd hand clothes in your own washing liquid/powder of choice once recieved  and due to covid concerns would definitely do so your mind is at rest.

Joy Bundles
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