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About me

“ Thank you for nurturing my self-confidence as a Mother and for listening to all my concerns”


"Su is brilliant. Without her I would have been going in blind. She prepared me for preparing myself, for opening my heart and being ready to accept my new role as a mother. Su I could never thank you enough."

In 2008 I started my training with Pam England, as a Birthing from Within Mentor, which taught me so much about myself and others, as well as pregnancy, birth and parenting. Since then I have trained additionally in Birth Art Processes, trained to be a Birth Story Listener, (hearing and helping to heal parents' pain about their baby's birth.)

I have been lucky enough to not only train  Birthing From Within, but also with Gail Tulley of  Spinning Babies, Rebecca Wright of Re:balancing Woman, learnt Mother Warming techniques from Nicola Mahdiyyah Goodall and Mama Baby Wise, attended three spirit lifting workshops with Jane Hardwick-Collins;  I have heard Sheila Kissinger and Michel O Dent amongst many other wonderful people in the Birthing World.

But most importantly I have been listening and talking with Mothers-to-be and Mothers-who-are, in Shropshire, since October 2011. I have also been honoured in being asked to attend many different kinds of birth and learnt so much from each one.

"Never underestimate the importance of your work as we start the most important journey of our lives"

"The wisdom you carry and passed on to me really helped me understand ceasarian birth in a different way and I am grateful for it."

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