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"We are vibrant beings,

holding seeds of new life

It is time to return,

to gather together

To feel whole again."

Life is full of Lullabies, Labyrinths and Laments.

I help to prepare, support and celebrate the thresholds of life,

 the beginning, middle and at the end.


I am Su,

Please talk to me about what you wish for...

I work as a Gatherer of Women in particular and people in general. A creative being who likes to connect, meander, be in the place of not knowing and return safely.

 I am a mother of two amazing beings, a mother for more than a decade now, arriving late and breathless on the scene of Motherhood, after running scared for many a moon! After the birth of my son, I wanted to re-train and be able to share with others this wierd and wonderful place of Motherhood, revisiting that other magical and turbulent land of Childhood, and charting the choppy waters of Parenthood!

The Lullaby 

Restoring Motherhood


Preparation for Baby:

I can help you to cope with all the changes, new self, new relationships and new baby.

Six sessions working either face to face or on line. working creatively with your hopes, fears and unraveling older stories, and developing coping strategies for whatever the Labyrinth of Birth might bring your way.

Cost £240 for all six sessions (or look at staggering costs with my patreon and pay monthly).

Mother Blissing        

Calling together your friends and/or family for a special time to celebrate and honour the coming of the new Mother and baby.

Cost £80 for consultation and collaborative planning of the session, and three hour Gathering Together time .(or look at staggering costs with my patreon).

Womb Story Listening and Mother Restoring Ceremony

Gathering and binding fragmented selves, easing birth trauma (womb trauma) together, combining listening and somatic healing as the person needs.

£100 includes consultation call/ communication, and face to face time, approx 2-3 hours. (or look at staggering costs with my patreon).


 Welcome to Motherhood

We gather together, at the In Good Hands Cafe, Frankwell in Shrewsbury, new mums and mums-to-be, to sit, talk and relax on Wednesday mornings.

Cost £2.50 per session (or you can pay via the Patreon monthly)

Red Tent Circle of Shrewsbury

Once a month women gather at In Good Hands Cafe again. to be in a held sacred space to laugh, cry, release and connect with others - always a wonderful time and space to talk about our ever changing lives. All welcome.

Cost £10 per gathering (or you can pay via the Patreon monthly)

Mother ReTreats

To help Mothers to restore their energies. make sense of and celebrate their journeys, using ancient stories, meditations, symbols and practices. Dates to be arranged for 2023

I am also co-director of CanDo Doulas CIC, a wonderful group of doulas across the West Midlands working with pregnant women with complex needs. Interested in joining us, supporting us or referring someone to us, please visit our website.

The Labyrinth 

The amazing creative symbol of the labyrinth - ancient and enduring method of calming down and tapping into your own intuition and other hidden levels of knowing. During my training as a Birthing From Within Mentor I was inspired by Pam England to look at Labyrinths and  Narrative Medicine and feel the power of the story and our words.

Both of these elements feed into all my other work, one way or another. To find out more please go to my Patreon - some of the elements are available to see for free, but if inspired to know more do join in with others who support my work or as a way of staggering any costs of my other services, if that helps.. For more basic info on what a labyrinth is and how it can help.

Workshops coming up - just being finalised.....

I am also part of the Silver Spoons Collective and I am Witch Exhibition, more news on that soon too...

The Lament

I am one of the directors and trainee facilitator for the wonderful Sacred Circle CIC to find out more about how to prepare for, support others or understand deeper the Journey with Death. please visit the new website.

Here is a link to the podcast page just to gain a greater understanding of it all as a starter...

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